Is there a Mounting Adapter available to retrofit a PM800 Series Meter in place of a PM600 Series meter?



A customer has an existing PM600 series meter and wishes to replace them with PM800 series meters, but the replacement options has a different form factor and requires a different mounting cutout in the panel.

Product Line
Series 600 Power Meter (PM600, PM620, PM650) 
Series 800 Power Meter (PM820, PM850, PM870)

Power meter retrofit and replacement
PM8 Mounting Adaptor
A customer wishes to replace obsolete PM600 series meters. 

The Series 600 Power Meter (PM6) can be replaced with the Series 800 Power Meter (PM8). The PM8G is an optional metal gasket that can be ordered for the PM8 to retrofit the meter and/or the PM8RD remote display to an existing 4 inch round cutout (analog meter). This metal gasket has 4 threaded posts accompanied with nuts. The standard remote display comes with a rubber gasket and it is NEMA 12-compliant when mounted between the PM8G and a flat, smooth surface.

There are several things to consider:

  1. The Series 800 has a 2 wire RS485 port. A 4 wire RS485 port is available on the PM8 remote display adapter.
  2. The PM8 uses Modbus / Jbus protocol where the PM6 uses Modbus / Jbus / Powerlogic protocol.
  3. A gasket is required (part# PM8G) to mount the PM8 into an existing cutout for a Series 600.
  4. There are 3 models of the Series 800 available. PM820, PM850, and the PM870.
  5. The PM800 series is no longer being manufactored. See FA305464 for more information about the PM800 replacements.

See the attached document for more information (Page 3, figure 9).