Is it possible to log the status of the IOM inputs onboard a CM2000?



It is possible to setup onboard logging of the IOM inputs status for a CM2000. The setup requires the use of System Manager Software (SMS) as there is a need to create custom quantities. The default standard quantities (Input 01 Status, Input 02 Status...) are not configured as "loggable" and can not be changed.
Note: IO Point status registers on PM800s (PM8), CM3000s (CM3), and CM4000s (CM4) are "loggable" by default.

The following example details the steps necessary to setup onboard logging of "status input 1" from the IOM onboard the CM2000. The steps can be repeated for the remaining status inputs.

1. Create a custom quantity in SMS for digital input 1 status
-SMS Setup Utility > Setup > Custom Quantities
-The Custom Quantity should be a Digital Function and Loggable

2. Assign the new quantity to the CM2000 device type
-The input status register is 2400. Bit 0 represents input 1
-NOTE: Bit Map of the states of the inputs; 1 = ON and 0 = OFF, Bit 0 represents input 1 thru Bit 7 represents input 8

3. Shutdown SMS Setup Utility and restart the Power Logic Network Service Service (PLNS)

4. Create a new logging template for the newly created quantity or add the quantity to an existing logging template
-SMS Setup Utility > Setup > Logging
-Click on the Log Templates tab. Either select an existing template from the drop down list or select the Add button and create a new template for the CM2000
-Move the newly created quantity (Input1_CM2_Dig1) from the Quantities Available window to the Quantities Selected
-Click Update

5. Assign the logging template to a onboard data log on the CM2000 of interest
-SMS Setup Utility > Setup > Device Routing > Select meter of interest > Configure
-Click the Onboard Data Storage tab
-Select the data log of choice, enable it, select the logging template from the drop down window, set the logging interval, and set the number of records
-Click Update

The CM2000 is now setup to log onboard the status of input 1. This procedure (mainly steps 1 and 2) can be repeated to include the logging of the status of the other inputs on the IOM. The same general procedure can also be followed to setup logging for Input # Count or Input # Timer; refer to the CM2000 register list in the CM2000 Reference Guide for the register numbers.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL185131 V2.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 06/27/2007, Last Edited by MaTh on 10/06/2010
Related ranges: CM2000 series