Procedure for manually installing the Active X components for System Manager Software V4.x



This procedure is for customers that need to manually install the active X components. The components are required by all remote web clients to enable full functionality.
This procedure is used when remote web clients do not have the Windows Administrator level security to install Active X components that are automatically downloaded when the PowerLogicWeb for the first time. This procedure may be used by network administrators to pre-configure the remote client PC's that will be accessing the PowerLogicWeb clients.

Though System Manager Software v4.3 only provides support of Internet Explorer (IE) up to version 8; this procedure has also been found to be effective with versions of Internet Explorer (IE) beyond version 8.

See the instructions included in the attached zipped file.

Version: For use in System Manager Software version 4.x.

Proceedure for Manual Install of ActiveX componets for

Note: In some cases, customers that find red x's (red x) in the SMS Webclient (SMSWeb), may find it beneficial to reinstall the Active X components.

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