Determining the Communications Protocol of a 3710 ACM Meter



A 3710 ACM meter with an ISOCOM card has one communications protocol available: either PML or Modbus. The protocol is configured in the meters firmware. Use the meters front panel to determine which protocol the meter uses. You cannot change the protocol using the 3710 ACM meters front panel.

Note: A 3720 ACM meter with an ISOCOM2 card has both the PML and Modbus protocols available. Switching between protocols is done from the 3720 ACM meters front panel.

Product Line
3710 ACM


In order to determine which protocol was installed on your 3710 ACM meter's ISOCOM communications card, you must check the firmware using the meters front panel:

  1. Hold down the 'Parameter Select' and 'Cursor' buttons together until the display reads 'Programming Mode'.
  2. Press 'Parameter Select' until you get to 'Diagnostics', then press 'Increment'. 'Yes' appears on the display.
  3. Press 'Parameter Select' again to display the meters firmware version.

If there is an 'M' in the firmware version, then the meter is communicating with the Modbus protocol.
If there is no 'M', then the meter is communicating with the PML protocol.