Is an MIB file necessary to utilize the SNMP feature available on the Ethernet Gateway (EGX), the Ethernet Communications Card (ECC) or Ethernet interface for Powerpact and Masterpact LV (IFE)?



End user would like to know if a MIB file is necessary for SNMP features.

Product Line
PowerLogic MIB devices
EGX100, EGX150, EGX200, EGX300, EGX400, ECC21, PM8ECC, PM556X
Enerlin'X Ethernet Interface IFE (LV434011 and LV434010)

SNMP enables easy viewing of data from any device in the network using common MIB browsers.  It can also incorporate MIB file data into other software or scripts.

SNMP can be use to provide information about the network interface(s) on a device.

*Warning:  Installation and maintenance of these devices should only be performed by qualified, competent personnel that have appropriate training and experience with high voltage and current devices. Failure to follow the instructions / warnings in the Meter Installation Guide can result in permanent damage to the meter, severe injury or death.

Certain PowerLogic ethernet gateways (EGX100, EGX150, EGX200, EGX300, EGX400), ethernet communication cards (ECC21) and breaker ethernet interfaces (IFE) only support the industry-standard MIB-II template. A device that supports the MIB-II template does not require an additional MIB file. Information is stored in the devices memory in MIB-II format. Keep in mind that the MIB-II standard does not supply alarming information from downstream devices, it is designed to deliver system information only such as IP address, UDP packet statistics, ICMP errors, etc. After SNMP is enabled,the MIB-II values are available to the SNMP server or requesting device.

The PM800 ethernet communication module (PM8ECC) supports SNMP V2 traps. This allows it to supply alarming information from downstream devices. This is the only PowerLogic device that allows for supplying information from downstream devices with SNMP. Once SNMP is enabled, a MIB template must be used to begin using SNMP to get values. The latest MIB template is available for download on

The PM556X series supports SNMP supports alarming via traps for real-time notification without the need to poll devices on the network.

To start using SNMP, simply enable SNMP and fill-out the SNMP identification fields on the target device.