How to determine the firmware version of CM2000 series meters via Front Panel or remotely by software



The customer needs to determine the current firmware version of a Circuit Monitor 2000 either via front panel or over comms remotely by software.

Product line
CM2000 Series meters:

Firmware version verification

The meter may not have the latest firmware version 17.011 (fix for rapid energy accumulation on pervious versions of firmware)


Via Software:
If CM2000 software is connected to an Ethernet Gateway unit such as EGX or ECC, a Modbus TCP/IP program (like Modscan) or Modbus "Tester" could be used to determine the firmware version over comms.

1- Read register 2094. This register has a 4 digit number. The two digits on the right in the 4-digit decimal value represent the circuit monitor firmware version (e.g. the decimal value of register 2094 is "1617", the firmware version is 17.XXX).  
2- Then read register 2093. This decimal value represents the circuit monitor firmware sub-revision level (e.g. the decimal value of register 2093 is "9", the firmware version and sub-revision is 17.009).

To download "Tester" software, you may refer to article FA180037

Via front panel:
The version of firmware in the CM2 can be determined by using the Configuration option of the Setup Mode. The Configuration option allows the user to view configuration data in Protected Mode. No changes to CM2 configuration can be saved when in Protected Mode. When entering the Configuration option in Protected Mode, the CM2 will cycle through four screens of device information. This information will contain the firmware version currently resident in the CM2. It also contains the device model number and the last four digits of the device serial number. 

PROCEDURE: To view configuration data, complete the following steps:
1. Press the MODE button until the red LED next to [Setup] is lit. The circuit monitor displays ConFig.
2. Press the PHASE [Enter] button. The circuit monitor displays the password prompt P - - - -.
3. Enter 9999 for the password. To enter 9999, use the SELECT METER [Value] buttons to decrease the displayed value until it reaches 9999. Then press the PHASE [Enter] button. The circuit monitor enters the protected viewing mode and scrolls through the following device information:

  • d=2450 (the number after d= represents the device model number)
  • s=0345 (the numbers following s= represent the last four digits of the device serial number)
  • r=1617 (the first two digits after r= represent the reset code revision and the last two digits represent the circuit monitor firmware revision level
  • L=0009 (the digits following 1= represent the circuit monitor firmware sub-revision level, as in firmware version 17.0009)

After this scrolling sequence, the display shows the present CT ratio.

The instructions are also in the attached POWERLOGIC/POWERLINK TECH SUPPORT Application Tip document.