ION Enterprise 5.0 Install Problems on French Windows XP Operating System



Goals and Symptoms


ION Enterprise 5.0 does not install successfully on a computer running the French version of Windows XP.  The files are installed, but due to a database upgrade error, a number of setup steps that should be performed after the reboot do not succeed. The system is left in an unusable state.


When the ION Enterprise 5.0 Installer is run on the French version of Windows XP, the installation proceeds normally until after the reboot.  At this time the following error is seen:


ERROR:(-2147221104) Upgrading ION_Network database: PMLMSDEUpgrader: Could not upgrade MSDE Database: Type incompatible


When the installer completes, none of the services are created.  The server name is not added to the ION_Network database.  The product key is not entered into the ION_Network database.  The system is not useable.


Rerunning the installer does not correct the problem.



Facts and Changes


ION Enterprise 5.0, French Windows XP


Causes and Fixes


There is a coding error in MSDEUpgrader.dll that results in a Visual Basic error for a particular comparison.  This is a problem for operating systems that use the comma rather than the period as the number decimal separator.  This error was corrected in the version of the file shipped with ION Enterprise 5.0 SP3.


The Visual Basic error prevents the Installer from completing the final steps of the installation process.


This problem does not exist for ION Enterprise 5.5.  If you must install ION Enterprise 5.0, refer to the Workaround below.


Follow the steps below:

  • 1. Run the ION Enterprise 5.0 installer. (It will fail as described above.)
    2. Run the ION Enterprise 5.0 Service Pack 3 installer.
    3. Re-run the ION Enterprise 5.0 installer.

More Information

The workaround solves the problem by using the Service Pack 3 installer to replace the file (MSDEUpgrader.dll) that is generating the error.  When the ION Enterprise 5.0 installer is re-run, it will use the updated Service Pack 3 files and the final setup steps will complete successfully.


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