ION Setup Rejects ION Meter Advanced Security Password



When ION Setup is connected to an advanced-security enabled meter, the correct password is entered, but ION Setup rejects it. 

Product Line
ION8300, ION8400, ION8500, ION8600, ION8650, ION Setup, ION Enterprise, Power Monitoring Expert

Advanced security configuration

Designer was used to configure the advanced-security passwords and characters from the Extended ASCII character set were used. The Extended ASCII character set includes but is not limited to foreign-language accented characters.

Use Designer to change the passwords so that the passwords do not contain any Extended ASCII characters.

More Information
What is Extended ASCII? A set of codes that extends the basic ASCII set. The basic ASCII set uses 7 bits for each character, giving it a total of 128 unique symbols. The extended ASCII character set uses 8 bits, which gives it an additional 128 characters. The extra characters represent characters from foreign languages and special symbols for drawing pictures