WebReach Generates Many Event Viewer Events if Devices are Slow to Respond



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WebReach can generate many events in the OS Application Log if devices are slow to respond. This article describes how to add a Registry value to increase the allowable response time.


A glance at the Event Viewer Application Log reveals a steady stream of errors logged by VBRuntime. For example:


 The VB Application identified by the event source logged this Application PMLWebReachReadMeter: Thread ID: 2692 ,Logged: WebReachReadMeter Failing x-pml:/Diagrams/ud/Default/3720_FAC-4WYE_V1.1.0/3720_FAC-4WYE_V1.1.0.dgm@direct.3720_73 because no response received by 27/06/2005 10:18:57 AM. Request initiated at 27/06/2005 10:18:24 AM. Elapsed time 33.000000170432 limit is 31


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This event was added to provide some additional trouble-shooting diagnostics for WebReach in ION Enterprise 5.0 Service Pack 4.

Causes and Fixes


The default response time limit for WebReach is set to 31 seconds. If a response fails to return within this limit, an event is written to the Event Viewer Application Log.

If a system includes devices that are consistently very slow to respond for some reason, you can add the following registry value to increase the response timeout value.


Add a DWORD value called FailAfterNoResponse to the WebReach registry key and set it to an appropriate value so that the Event Viewer will not fill with unnecessary events.


Alternatively, reconfigure the system so that the devices are not so slow to respond.


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