How do I know what parity the CM2000 is set to?



A user needs to determine what the serial communications parity is set to on a CM2000 series meter.
Product Line:
CM2000 series meters
It may be unclear how to determine what the parity is currently set to.
The default parity on a CM2000 series meter is "even"
You can check the parity setting on the meter in the Setup menu as follows:

1. Press the MODE button until the red LED next to [Setup] is lit.
The circuit monitor displays “ConFig.”
2. Press the PHASE [Enter] button to select the Configuration option.
The circuit monitor displays the password prompt “P - - - -.”
3. Enter the password.
To enter the password, use the SELECT METER [Value] buttons to
Increase or decrease the displayed value until it reaches the password
value. Then press the PHASE [Enter] button to enter the setup menu. (The default meter password is "0000")
4. Press the PHASE [Enter] button until the red LED next to [Baud Rate]
  • If there is a lowercase “n” beside the baud rate (i.e. 9600n), then the parity is none. If there is nothing beside the baud rate (i.e. 9600) then the parity is even.
Please reference FA221515 for instructions on configuring the parity setting on a CM2000 series meter.