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Accessing ''User Adminstrator'' Returns Runtime Error 457



Goals and Symptoms

When trying to access the User Adminstrator from Management Console, it returns:
''Runtime Error 457. This key is already associated with an element of this collection.''

Causes and Fixes

Most likely this is caused by a corrupt ''users.dat'' file.

- Close Management Console.
- Open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder \\ION Enterprise\\config\\security\\
- Rename ''users.dat'' to ''users.dat.old''
- Rename ''users.dat_'' to ''users.dat''
- Try accessing the User Administrator again.

Note: The users will be reset to the default of ''guest'' and ''supervisor'' with passwords of ''0''. You can now re-enter the new users. It is recommended that you back up the new ''users.dat'' file after repopulating it.


Original article#9401, SWKB-0451

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL182730 V1.0, Originally authored by DaMi on 03/14/2007, Last Edited by DaMi on 03/14/2007
Related ranges: ION Enterprise