ION Enterprise Vista Response To Object Move Operation Is Delayed - Vista Undo Option



Goals and Symptoms

A significant lag time can be observed between dragging a diagram object and resulting movement on Vista diagrams that consist of many objects. Diagrams that consist of few objects do not exhibit this behaviour.

Causes and Fixes


To speed the process of editing Vista diagrams, the user can disable Undo operations by unchecking the Enable Undo item on the Options menu.



Vista offers the ability to enable or disable undo operations in Vista through the Options menu item called Enable Undo. If Enable Undo has is checked, undo operations are enabled and the user can revert any individual changes made to the diagram. Undo operations are disabled by default; however, a user's last setting is saved into and restored from their Vista workspace file. Disabling undo operations while editing busy Vista diagrams serves to speed up the process significantly because no extra processing needs to be done before a change is reflected in the diagram.


Original article#9625, SWKB-0013

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