How To Import Data Into Access From ION Database



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How To Import Data Into Access From ION Database

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To set up an ODBC data source:
* From the control panel, start the ODBC (Data Sources) applet.
* Click on the System DSN tab.
* Press the Add button.
* On the Create New Data Source dialog, double-click on the Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0 driver.
* In the Data Source Name field on the SQL Anywhere ODBC Configuration dialog, enter a name for the data source
* Press the Browse button and locate the database from which data will be imported.
* Press the OK button to accept the Data Source configuration.

To import data into Microsoft Access:
* Start Microsoft Access
* From the File menu, select GetExternalData    - Import
* On the Import dialog, select ODBC Databases as the file type.
* On the Select Data Source dialog, click the Machine Data Source tab and select the Data Source Name associated with the source database.
* Enter the following user ID: DBA
* Enter the following password: SQL
* On the Import Object dialog, select the tables to be imported and click OK.

The data should appear in the Access database.

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