How To Set the Time Zone Offset for a Meter Using Vista



Goals and Symptoms

Programming Time Zone Offset in meters can be difficult, especially for the 7300 Series meters.    

Causes and Fixes

Link a Control Object in Vista to the TZOffset register.    The Control Object will display a drop-down box with a list of standard timezones the user can choose.    

Follow these steps to configure your Vista diagram:
1.    Drag a control object from the toolbox onto a diagram for the device.
2.    Right-click on the control, go to the link tab, hold down Ctrl-Alt and click the ''Edit Link'' button.
3.    Enter the handle 0x1580      -      this is the handle of the Clock Module.    Press OK, OK to take you back to the diagram.
4.    Increase the size of the control such that the contents are readable.    Save the diagram, close and re-open it.
5.    Once the diagram is re-opened, the Clock Module information will be uploaded from the device and the user can select his/her desired timezone (human-readable, see attached bitmap) from the combo drop-down.    Upon selection, the device is programmed with as many years of DST info as it supports (ie 1 year for 93XX, 20 for the 95/96).


Original article#9397, SWKB-0456

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