Report destination file path name too long



Goals and Symptoms


  • When generating a Report in the Reporter application, you see an error, Error 1004.



    While generating a Report in the Reporter application of ION Enterprise, you see an error as shown below (Fig. 1).


    Fig. 1





    If you scroll to the left to see the hidden part of the error message, you can see as shown in Fig. 2.


    Fig. 2


    The complete error is:


    **ERROR** Error 1004 (This file could not be accessed. Try one the following: ||| Make sure the specified folder exists. || Make sure the folder that contains the file is not read-only. || Make sure the file name does not contain any of the following characters: <> ? [] : | or * || Make sure the file/path name doesnt contain more that 218 characters. ) has occurred in Microsoft Office Excel

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Causes and Fixes

See attached ION Knowledge Base article.
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