Site Auto-Disconnect Feature with Custom Log Inserter



Goals and Symptoms


The Auto-Disconnect feature does not work with a custom Log Inserter when the Log Acquisition module is disabled.


Facts and Changes


Connection schedule, Auto-disconnect, Custom Log Inserter, Log Acquisition module


Causes and Fixes


When the Log Acquisition module is disabled and a connection is made to a site, that site does not disconnect after all logs have been retrieved even when the Disconnect from each site as soon as all data has been retrieved option is selected.


All logs requiring retrieval must be up to date for the Auto-Disconnect feature to work.

From the Log Acquisition module description in the ION Reference:

When [the Enable] input is set to on, the module is enabled; when it is set to off, the module is disabled and logs are not uploaded.

The Log Acquisition module is not considered caught up when the logs are not updated.


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