Changing the default waveforms location in PowerLogic SCADA v7.20; "Found 0 waveform files"; WaveformDB destination and citect.ini parameters



When the user attempts to view a waveform for an onboard alarm from a device that supports waveform capture, the waveform search box returns 0 results. This article assumes that the meter has been properly configured to capture waveforms for the relevant alarms. 

Waveform files appear to exist in the \Data\[Cluster]\[Device]\Waveforms folder as they did in PowerLogic SCADA (PLS) v7.10.

In PLS Version 7.10, the destination waveform directory could be modified using the [PowerLogicCore] FileReplicationSrc parameter. Setting this parameter does not have an effect in versions 7.20 and later.

Product Line
Powerlogic Scada 7.20

Powerlogic Scada onboard waveform captures

The default waveform location has moved in PowerSCADA versions 7.20 and later...and by default, the client will not find waveforms in the Data directory.

Per the System Integrator Manual for these versions, the new location is: <Waveform DB root>\<ClusterName>\<IODeviceName>\Waveforms where <Waveform DB root> is the \User\<Project> folder.

Changing the default WaveformDB destination:
In order to change the default waveform location, the following citect.ini parameter should be set: [WaveformDB] LocalRoot
For example, if you want the waveforms to be stored in the Data directory as in 7.10, set LocalRoot = C:\Users\All Users\Schneider Electric\PowerLogic SCADA 7.20\Data
Alternatively or if the local path does not work properly, this parameter will accept a UNC location. For example, LocalRoot = \\ServerName\Data where the Data folder has been shared.

Making waveforms accessible by remote clients:
In order for waveforms to be available to remote clients, the waveform location (same as set above in the LocalRoot parameter) must be shared and the UNC path specified in the following parameter:
[WaveformDB] UNCPath
For example, if the waveform location has been moved to the Data folder as shown above, set UNCPath = \\ServerName\Data

Replicating waveforms in a redundant scenario:
In a redundant scenario, the replication target folder must be specified by the following parameter:
[WaveformDB] ReplicationDestinationRoot
This destination path is the name of the network share on the redundant machine where its waveform root is located. The share must allow write access. No default value for this parameter is assumed. If not set or the share is not accessible, no replication we be performed.

In the problem scenario, waveforms were available after configuring the LocalRoot path.