BCPM becomes unresponsive after firmware upgrade to panel 2 (base address +1)



A BCPM may become unresponsive after an attempt to upgrade the firmware of panel 2 of the device (base address +1). Below is a possible error that may occur after attempting to do so. After the failed upgrade the device may become unresponsive and/or it may not be possible to read data from either panel 1 or panel 2.

Error: "Device Error=516". The error code means the device failed to respond

Product Line
Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM)

Firmware Upgrade

The BCPM consists of 2 panels (1 and 2). Panel 1 will use the base Modbus address as configured according to the DIP switches. Panel 2 will use the base address +1. Firmware should not be installed to both panels as doing so may cause the device to become unresponsive. Firmware only needs to be installed to the device using it's base address.

*Warning: The firmware utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your product if applied incorrectly. Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Technical Support for guidance.*

*Warning: Devices should be disconnected from all monitoring software before performing a firmware upgrade*

Do not power down the device. Use the DLF-3000 utility to re-install the firmware to the device using the base address. The BCPM should be able to re-enter the firmware download mode again.

It is important to ensure that BCPMs, in any given system, have an offset of +2. This will ensure that there is no conflict between BCPM A (Panel 1 and 2) and BCPM B (panel 1 and 2).

Use the following link to download the DLF-3000 software:
DLF-3000 Download

*Refe to Article FA278575 for BCPM firmware upgrade instructions.