How to lock out (disable) front panel configuration on the ION 8xxx platforms.



User is asking if it is possible to lock out meter configuration on the Front Panel for an ION 8xxx series revenue meter.
The use case would be to prevent operators from changing parameters such as PT and CT ratios without prior approval.

Product Line
ION 8300/8400/8500

Front panel programming


As shown in the following image, it is possible to Enable or Disable front panel setup through the Display Options Module on the ION 8xxx meters.

This can be done using ION Setup or Designer in Power Monitoring Expert software.
Connect to your ION meter and locate the Display Options Module. In the list of Setup Registers, you will find "Front Panel Programming."

If you change the setting to "Disallowed," then changing communications or metering settings such as PT and CT ratios will not be possible by pressing buttons on the Front Panel. The setting is saved inside the meter, so if you modify this register with ION Setup, you can later revert (re-enable Front Panel configuration) using ION Setup or Designer.
Additionally, we do not provide a Front Panel menu to access this setting, so an unauthorized user will not be able to change this setting without accessing the meter using software.

If additional security is required to protect this setting, you can also enable Advanced Security on the meter.
Advanced Security measures apply when any ION software application (e.g., ION Setup or Designer) is used to access the onboard meter settings. If Advanced Security is enabled, another password in addition to the Meter Password needs to be entered before the meter configuration can be modified. This would prevent an unauthorized user from using ION Setup or ION Designer to unlock the Front Panel configuration.