Selection/Installation of ferrite emission suppression kit for ION7550/7650



Customer is unclear about the installation and/or requirements for the ION 7550/7650 ferrite emission suppression kit.

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PowerLogic ION7550 / ION7650 meters

Emission Suppression Kit Installation

To meet the EN55014-1:2000 standard, older versions of the ION7550/7650 meters require the use of an emission suppression ferrite kit. New designs of the meter resolve this issue, and no suppression kit is necessary. The difference between serial number extension 01 & 02 is that functionality of the ferrite was achieved on the circuit board as part of the hardware evolution project that was completed for new hardware version. The old combination of the components used on the board was not compliant, so the evolution was done to stop the need for the external ferrite to be used. Several changes were made and the result of them made us comply to the EN55014-1:2000 standard.

This suppression kit will be shipped with the meter if it is required. depending on the serial number extension as well as the power supply option. The extention is the last two digits of the serial number.

Serial number extension     Power supply option Ferrite required?
-01 Standard Yes
-01 Low voltage DC Yes
-02 Standard No
-02 Low voltage DC Yes

So, simply stated, if this kit is shipped with the ION7550/7650, then please use it. If it is not then you do not need not be concerned with the ferrite clamp.
Although the overall functionality of the standard power supply is unchanged, the ferrite is not required because of the design changes.

For instructions on installing the Ferrite emission suppression kit, refer to the 'ION7550 / ION7650 Ferrite Installation Instructions' document attached below.