How to create a framework to perform an energy reset on an ION75XX or ION76XX without performing a master reset.



Resetting accumulated energy values without performing a master reset on the meter

Product Line
ION75XX Series
ION76XX Series

Master Reset

To reset accumulated energy values the meter must undergo a master reset

The Integrator modules for energy are, by default, configured to be reset by Nrm Energy Reset. Pulse Merge module Nrm Energy Reset is then triggered by the Master Reset (External Pulse module).
The best way to perform a reset on a specific energy parameter is to create a new Pulse Merge module and an Ext Pulse module like the illustration below.

In this example, a pulse from either Master Reset or the Ext Pulse module will reset the kWh del+rec while only the Master Reset will reset the other three. This is because the new Pulse Merge modules input is linked to both Nrm Egy Reset and the Ext Pulse module. The pulse to the Ext Pulse module can be either triggered by Modbus or a control object in Vista.