Control Client is unable to detect floating license on the PowerLogic SCADA server



The Control Client (display client) is unable to pull the floating license from the Primary Server, even though the parameter [Client] Display = 1 is in the Citect.ini file of the Control Client.
The result is that the user sees "Software Protection Failure" or is otherwise shown that there is no license available from the network. No real-time data or alarms are visible if the project will run at all.  

Product Line
PowerSCADA Expert 7.2, PowerLogic SCADA 7.1, Legacy - SCADA 7.x

Control Client 

The [Client] Display = 1 parameter was deprecated prior to the first version of PowerLogic SCADA (PLS) v7.10 r01.

To be able to pull the floating license from the server, the following settings should be in the Control Client's Citect.ini file:

ComputerRole = 1
FullLicense = 0

These parameters are configured automatically if you select the appropriate options in the Computer Setup Wizard (Control Client with Full License unchecked).

Additionally, here are some other things to check if the Control Client is unable to access a floating license on the server:

1) The network address in the project on the Control Client is the same as the IP of the server.
2) You can ping the IP of the Primary Server from the Control Client workstation. 
3) Ensure the proper options are configured in the Computer Setup Wizard. Control Client with Full License unchecked OR View Only Client, whichever is appropriate.
4) Make sure the ports for PLS are not blocked. See the System Integrator Manual for a list of ports that must be enabled.
5) If possible, disable the firewall on the server and the workstation. Then, rerun the project on the Primary Server and the Control Client workstation.