Unable to select device in Modbus Import Module when connecting to an external Modbus master and downstream slave using VIP



In the VIP, the Modbus Import Modules properties shows "Not_a_valid_device" when trying to select the Device Name.

Product Line
ION meters

ION Enterprise 5.5, PME 7.2.2, PME 8.0

'MI1 Device Name' shows, "Not_a_valid_device" because no modification of the Virtual Processor Setup tool was done.

The ION Virtual Processor Setup must be configured to include the desired Modbus network. The following procedure explains how to add the Modbus network in the ION Virtual Processor Setup:

  • Access the ION Virtual Processor Setup via Management Console > Tools.
  • Expand the Modbus Network item.
  • Add a new Master site.
  • Expand the Master site and add a Device

See attachment for more information.