PME 7.2 Installation Configure Object Factory Tools Failed



PME 7.2 Installation will fail at Configure Object Factory Tools: Couldn't Run Exe. 

The error appears as follows:

Product Line
PME 7.2

Inplace upgrade installation with custom reports

Custom assembly files located in the ReportDataService/bin folder cause the ObjectFactoryConfig.exe tool to fail loading all the dependencies for the assembly file.

Please take a look at the log by clicking the open log button on the installer. It references a dll file in the ReportDataService/bin folder. In the screen shot above, the dll file is called Reporting.LogicalMeasurementExtension.Web.dll
Please remove that file from the ReportDataService/bin folder and run the installer again. It will pass the "Configure Object Factory Tools" step. 
Note: There may be multiple files to be removed from ReportDataService/bin depending on the number of custom assemblies that exist.