ION7300 series communication loss when reading registers via Modbus TCP/IP



ION7300 series communication loss when reading registers via Modbus TCP/IP

Product Line
ION7300 Series Meters (ION7300, ION7330, and ION7350)

The cause of the behavior is the Ethernet stack holding the ports open after a connection has been severed improperly. 
As the device believes there is still a connection, it will not accept any incoming requests, and it will hold this state continuously. 

The user will lose communications with the meter via Modbus TCP over Ethernet even though the user can still ping the meter.

The only methods of resetting the socket connections are:

  • Power cycling the device.
  • changing the meter IP address. 

This will clear the Ethernet stack and remove any broken connections. 

In addition, review FA212335 for Ethernet ports and socket summary on ION Meters.