Power Monitoring Expert 7.2 - After upgrade to PME 7.2 I can't run or edit my saved RepGen reports



When editing or saving a report in Repgen you will see a “Connection failed” screen like the following:

Manually entering the "Report" login with password "rep0rter!" allows you to edit the report.  However, the next time you edit the same report, Reporter will prompt you for the same connection information.
Also, you will see an “*ERROR* Error 3704” message in Reporter when you try to run a report that had been previously saved.
You will see this issue if you upgraded to PME 7.2 from older versions of the software (e.g. SPM 7.0, SPM 7.0.1) and kept the same SQL Server instance and ION databases in place.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x

Repgen, Reporter

The password for the “Report” login that is used to connect to SQL Server in order to retrieve data for Reporter reports has changed.  As a result, when upgrading to PME 7.2 from a previous version of the software, you will see errors when trying to edit or generate previously-saved reports

Change the “Report” login password in SQL Server to “rep0rter!”  This will allow all new reports generated in PME 7.2 to run properly.  You will be able to edit reports without the Connection Info dialog popping up.

If you are using reports from your previous version of the software in PME 7.2, you will also have to edit them manually to change the stored login information to “Report”/ “rep0rter!”

  • Open the report in Excel.
  • Unhide the |PRIVATE|Datasheets worksheet.
    • Excel 2003:
      • From the menu, choose Format -> Sheet -> Unhide.
    • Excel 2007 / 2010:
      • Right-click on any sheet and choose “Unhide” from the popup menu that appears.
      • Choose the |PRIVATE|Datasheets sheet and click OK.
  • Ensure the USERID and PASSWORD columns contain "Report" and "rep0rter!"
  • After making the changes, hide the sheet |PRIVATE|Datasheets again.
    • Excel 2003:
      • Select the sheet.
      • From the menu, choose Format -> Sheet -> Hide.
    • Excel 2007 / 2010:
      • Right-click on the sheet and choose “Hide” from the popup menu that appears.
  • Save and close the file.

The report can now be edited and generated without issues.