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Where to locate ION Offline Meter Files



Where to locate ION offline Meter Files?

Product Line 
ION 7400, ION7x50, ION8650, ION8600, ION8500, ION8400, ION8300, ION8800, PM8000

User wants install offline templates for ION meters. 

Installing ION meter offline templates 

Offline meter files provide a way to create a meter templates for ION meters without having to connect directly to a meter. Once an offline meter file is configured it can be saved. Then, the next time that a user connects up to an ION meter, the saved template can be pushed to it. 

The following ION meter templates are available for ION Setup 3.0:

The latest version of templates can be downloaded from the following link: 

The latest versions of offline meter files are uploaded to the link provided below:

NOTE: Please select the correct meter type, firmware version, and file type and for your application. 

In order to access the offline file using ION Setup, first save the appropriate file from the link above to your computer.

Open ION Setup 3.0 in Power User Mode and select the check box next to "Single ION device configuration mode". This will provide you with an option to open a saved offline firmware to edit.

For additional instructions please reference the "Using Offline Programming" section (pages 52-54) of the ION Setup User Guide which can be accessed at the following link:

Also, if necessary, refer to FA212374 for instructions on how to open ION Setup in Power User Mode if not prompted to open single device mode when launching ION Setup.