For Energy pulsing on the ION7330 and ION7350, ION Setup lists kWh Import and kWh Export. Which should be selected for energy consumption by the load?



A user may want to know what "kWh Import" and "kWh Export" mean when programming energy pulsing for ION7330 and ION7350 meters in ION Setup

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ION7330 Meter
ION7350 Meter

Programming Meters Using ION Setup

Default terminology for ION7330 and ION7350 Meters is different from other ION meters with regard to pulsing for Wh (Energy)

Most ION Meters refer to energy consumed by the load as "Wh Del" (Energy Delivered) - energy returned from the load back to the original source is "Wh Rec" (kWh Received).
ION7330 and ION7350 Meters use a different naming convention for energy pulsing in ION Setup.
With these meters, energy consumed by the load is called "kWh Imp" (Energy Imported), and energy returned from the load is called "kWh Exp" (Energy Exported).