What is the Country of Origin for my ION and PowerLogic meters?



User is unable to find documentation on the Country of Origin

Product Line
PM800, PM8000 series, PM5000, CM4000, ION7550, ION7650, ION8650, ION8800, ION7400

Country of Origin


Meter Description Country of Origin
METSEPM8240 PM8000 Power Meter Panel Mount With Display Mexico
METSEPM82401 PM8000 Power Meter Panel Mount With Display Mexico
METSEPM8243 PM8000 Power Meter DIN Rail No Display Mexico
METSEPM8244 PM8000 Power Meter DIN Rail with Remote Display Mexico
METSEPM89M0024 PM8000 Analog I/O Module, 2 Out, 4 In China
METSEPM89M2600 PM8000 Digital I/O Module, 2 Relay, 6 DI China
METSEPM89RD96 PM8000 Remote Display with 3M Cable China
METSEPM8RDHWK PM8000 Remote Display Hardware Replacement China
METSEPM8HWK PM8000 Power Meter Hardware Replacement Canada
METSEPM8000SK PM8000 Sealing Kit Canada
METSEPMAK PM Mounting Adapter Kit Canada
DM6200   India
PM210   Mexico
PM710   US
PM750   Mexico
PM800   Mexico
PM1200   India
PM5000   India
CM4000   Mexico
CM4000T   Canada
ION7400a   See below
ION7550   Canada
ION7650   Canada
ION8650   Canada
ION8800   Canada
E5600   Canada
EM3500   US
EM4800   Canada
EGX100   India
EGX300   India
EBX200/Com'X200   Germany
Enercept   US

a: The ION7400 meter is assembled in Canada, the specific country of origin is dependent on the serial number on the meter. Contact Technical Support with the serial number, and Tech Support will request the Hardware team for the country of origin.

Note: Contact technical support if the official documentation specifing the Country of Origin is needed.
Contact Schneider Electric Technical Support from the Customer Care center: https://www2.schneider-electric.com/sites/corporate/en/support/contact/customer-care-contact.page