Configuring PowerLogic Scada Web Client When the Server Network is Isolated from the Company Network.



How to configure Powerlogic Scada web client when the server network is isolated from the company network

Product Line
Powerlogic Scada 7.x
Power Scada Expert  8.x

Web client configuration

Powerlogic Scada project is not configured to handle the isolated network.

The configuration for the Powerlogic Scada Web Client setup will be identical to a single NIC card setup.
The second NIC card needs to be added to the project and add the second NIC card added to the IOServers, Alarm Server, Trend Server, and Report Server.
To access the Web Client from a company PC, enter the IP address for the company network NIC card/citect and the Web Client will display.

Note: Port Forwarding configuration is only needed in Powerlogic Scada 7.10 setup. All other versions require just doing a Web Deployment normally.