"There was an error saving your selection" in ENS/ENM/APM when trying to save the OPC server configuration




User sees "There was an error saving your selection" when trying to save OPC server Configuration.

User has access to all tabs within the client and all alarming and paging are working correctly.

There are no errors in the diagnostic page but under the event viewer log there are login failures for APM, and it points to one of the databases. This error would also show a username that is failing the login.

Product Line 
ENM 8.x
APM 6.x

Active Pager Module,  Event Notification Module saving OPC configuration

The user specified in the error does not have rights to access the database.

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.* 

- Open SQL Server Management Studio 2005 by going to Start> All programs>Microsoft SQL Server 2005> SQL Server Management Studio 2005
- Connect to the APM instance
- Expand the security folder
- Right Click on the user that shows up in the error message, and click on properties
- Go to the User Mapping section, and make sure that all PLES databases are selected and each of them have public and db_owner checked for the "Database role Membership". Make sure you click on each of the databases to verify their membership
- Restart APM/ENM services by going to the setup screen in the software and click on System>Preferences. Click on Restart the service for all services, or click on Reset all.
- Save the OPC Server again.