What is the part number for the EM4880 5A to 80mA CT converter?



A user would like to purchase a converter to convert 5A CT to 80mA current inputs for EM4xxxx meters

Product Line
Current transformers 



The 5A:80mA converter is useful in applications where there are existing 5A CT's integrated into large motors or switch gear. The 5A:80mA converter matches the 5A secondary of the load to the 80mA input of the meter. In Billing Grade applications, the 5A:80mA converter is also used to connect regulatory grade large aperture, large amperage CT's with 5A secondary to the 80mA of PowerLogic 4X80 meters.

The EM4xxx 5A to 80mA CT converter is available in Canada and the part number is: 900-319-01-A00

The EM4xxx 5A to 80mA CT converter is now available in the US and the part number is: METSECONV580