Video: How can ION Setup be used to reset stored quantities on ION meters?



How can ION Setup be used with ION meters to reset stored quantities such as demand, max/min, and energy readings?

Product Line
ION Setup 3.0, ION Meters including PM8000

ION Setup in Advanced Mode

Need to reset the stored quantities, such as demand, min/max values, within an ION or PM8000 meter to zero

Using ION Setup, open the meter and enter Advanced configuration mode (Ctrl-click).  Locate the External Pulse folder and double-click the desired reset pulse module inside it.
In the Output Registers tab, Shift-click on the reset output and click in the small box that appears.  This will send and output pulse from this module to perform the reset.

Additional reset groups can be found by browsing through the Pulse Merge module folder.
The same (Shift-click) procedure can be used to edit any editable module output/register including external boolean and integrator values.

Alternatively, switch to the "Data Information" view and double-click on the desired item.  (such as Demand or Maximum)
A reset button may appear with the values.  Otherwise, Right-click on the listed quantity and select one of the resets if available.

The video below shows how to use ION Setup to reset stored quantities on ION meters.

Please see the ION Setup user guide for more information: PowerLogic™ ION™ Setup 3.0 User Guide