Process to Uninstall and Reinstall of ION Enterprise 6.0.1



User wants the process to un-install and re-install ION Enterprise 6.0.1

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ION Enterprise 6.0.1


Normalize the process to un-install and re-install ION Enterprise 6.0.1 by providing clear and concise steps.  

For systems based on SQL Server Express or other versions of SQL Server such as 2008R2 etc. the following simple procedure has been shown to be effective:

  1. Under Windows "Programs and Features", check the ION Enteprise related applications and files that have been installed. For example, you should see ION Enterprise 6.0 and Service Pack 1 for ION Enterprise. You may also see, in some cases, ION Updater files and/or ION Device Drivers that have been installed. Make a note of all these file categories that have been installed.
    1. Bring together all the necessary install files that you will need for IONE6.0, SP1 for IONE6.0 and any other install files that you may have noted in step one above.
  2. Shut down all ION Services
  3. Take backups of the ION databases:
    1. For ION_Data and ION_Network, this can be done in ION Database Manager
    2. For ION_SystemLog, this is not supported in ION Database Manager but it can be done in SQL Server Management Studio Express
  4. Shut down the SQL Server services to allow for the database files to be copied in the following step.  NOTE: In most cases, the SQL Services comprise: SQL Server (ION), SQL Server Agent (ION), SQL Server Reporting Services (ION), and SQL Server Browser.
  5. Take a copy of ION Enteprise\config folder placing it in another folder completely independent of the existing ION Enteprise folder system (i.e. under c:\backups).
  6. Copy the product key for use later in re-installation
    1. Leave the existing folder structure for ION Enterprise in place, just as it is, for the next steps.
  7. Install IONE6.0 specifying:
    1. the existing ION instance which was not removed as your database instance, and;
    2. the exact same installation path for the ION Enterprise install files as was evidently used in the previous installation. Normally this path is C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ION Enterprise.
  8. Install SP1 for IONE6.0
  9. Check/Install optional add-ons such:
    1. Web reporter and apply RS2008WRConfigurationWizard.exe as necessary. The procedure to do this is contained in RESL
    2. IONE language packs as necessary.
  10. Check overall functionality of IONE - ION MC, Vista, Designer, etc.
  11. If the verification step above finds any problems with functionality of the re-installed system, use the files from the backups taken in steps (3) and (5) above to restore the system's functionality back to the way it was before. Note that in the overwhelming majority of cases, this will not be unnecessary at all.