Are scrolling graph displays possible in WebReach or Web Applications?



The Scrolling Graph Display in Vista displays live values on a graph (Numeric Object: Scrolling Graph Display). This graph cannot be seen in Web Applications only producing a numeric value and a data label.

Product Line
ION Enterprise, Struxureware Power Monitoring, Power Monitoring Expert

Applications using Schneider Electric powering software needing a  graphical display of live meter data.

When accessing the same page from WebReach the graph is not displayed. The numeric value appears instead.


Unfortunately, scrolling graph displays are not available in WebReach. In Power Monitoring Expert 8.0, features a trends application as part of the web application which matches the scrolling graph features.

  • The scrolling display was in the Diagrams tab of Web Application. If the trends view is needed in the Diagrams section, you can add a hyperlink to each individual trend.