Data Log Viewer does not work in WebReach but works in Vista




Data Log Viewer does not work in WebReach on a migrated server; the error message is below:

Possible errors displayed in WebReach:


PEGQuery error '80040cBe'

Error with provideHTML. Error with GenerateHTML. WebReachHistoricalASP in GetQuery: -2147218290 Cannot execute connection. ActiveX component can't create object.

/ion/Historical/GetLogs.asp, line 51

Error with GenerateHTML: An error occurred in GetConnectionStringFromQueryServer calling method IsSetupObject.GetconnectionString while attempting to access Query Server [QUERYSERVER.computername] with handle [327952].
With moniker: pmlitem:QUERSERVER.computername:pmlnew:PMLQueryserver.IONModuleInfo:

The Query Server may not be running.

Product Line

ION-E 5.6 SP2
ION-E 6.0.x
PME 7.0.x
PME 7.2.x
PME 8.0

Web Applications - Diagrams

The problem seen is due to a casing issue in the queryserver node name.

The service is using QUERYSERVER.COMPUTERNAME, but the SoftwareNode table is using QUERYSERVER.computername (which is what will be in the Vista diagrams). These entries were suspect to be modified manually and entered in lower case, because when the software makes the entries in this table, they are always upper cased.

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.* 

To fix this,
1. Shut down Vista and Query Server (service)
2. Open SQL Management Studio and navigate to the ION_Network database >SoftwareNode table 
3. Change the node name of the queryserver so that it uses upper case
4. Its suggested to make all the software node names have the machine name in upper case.

In Vista, fix the queryserver references in the diagram files use QUERYSERVER.COMPUTERNAME. When a data log viewer is configured, the query server name is picked up from the software node table. Right click on the data log viewer, select the queryserver tab, verify that one can see the upper case version of the name and save. This should re-write the queryserver entry in the Vista diagram, and the queries will work in WebReach and/or Web Applications.

Additional Note:
The same thing can happen if the computer name happens to be lower case, but all references to the Query Server in the database, and in the Vista diagram files are upper case. The fix is to match the casing in the database and the Vista diagrams to the computer name.