The PM8ECC HTML user interface does not operate correctly when viewed with Internet Explorer version 9 and higher



1) Navigation within the site does not happen automatically (the user has to click on the banner tab and then on the side navigation to retrieve the webpage). Also, the Read Registers Page does not update the register number after reading from the specified device.
2) In Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), after entering username and password to login to the webpage, only the webpage headers appear. 

Product Line:
HTML webpage data 

The user can select Compatibility View in Internet Explorer to have the page rendered using the Internet Explorer 8 engine.

To do that following the steps below:
1. in Internet Explorer, Click on tools to bring up the menu and choose "Compatibility View Settings".
2. Add the IP address of the PM8ECC to the Compatibility View list.
3. Hit the Close Button and reload the PM8ECC webpage.