Increasing the energy roll-over threshold from default value on ION meters



The default rollover value for most of the integrator modules on ION meters is 1e+007 (i.e. 10,000,000).

Can this rollover value be increased substantially to accommodate a high energy system?

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ION Meters
Energy Calculations

Energy reading rolls over after 10,000,000. A user would like to increase this value to accommodate high energy consuming systems.

Resolution 1
Disclamer** Changing the rollover value will reset the current kWh count of the integrator modules**


This is an article with steps to change the default rollover value for ION meters. For a list of default rollover value for ION meters, please follow our knowledge base article FA239195

The energy rollover value can be increased by one of the following procedures:
1. Connect to the meter using ION Setup. 
2. Open the advanced settings feature by using ctrl+left click on the meter. 
3. Open the integrator modules folder and select the quantity that you would like to change the rollover for. 
4.  Select the Setup registers portion of the quantity and change the IN# Rollvalue of the setup register to desired value. 

Resolution 2
1. Connect to the meter using ION Setup. 
2. Open the Setup Assistant > Basic Setup and click on the Rollover tab.
3. Select Energy Rollover and click Edit.
4. Click Edit Register List... and move the registers desired to edit into the Selected pane the Click OK.
5. Enter the Energy Rollover value for the registers and click okay. The meter will program the new rollover value.

NOTE 2: 
The default roll-over threshold of 10,000,000 is used because this number fits within the range allowed by a 4 byte floating point number format that is still be able to resolve down to increments as little as 1 KWh ( since the significand of a 4 byte floating point number is upto 2^24-1 =16,777,215 ). Thus, it is not recommended that the roll-over threshold ever be increased beyond 16,777,215.

The default meter frameworks on ION meters keep track of the number of times the roll-over threshold was reached. So much larger values of energy accumulation can be derived multiplying the the number of roll-overs and by the rollover threshold value. Rollover count is a output register of the Integrator module on the meter.