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ION Enterprise web based report prompts to enter a user name and password to access the data source.



When attempting to generate a web based report there is a prompt for entering a user name and password to access the data source:

Product Line
ION Enterprise 6.x


Login credentials are changed or may not be specified to that WebReporter (Reporting Services) can access the IONReportDataSource. 

Follow the procedure below to set the correct login credential. 
1. Open the web browser and open the http://<server name>/Reports or http://<server name>/Reports$ION virtual root.
2. Open the IONReportDataSource.
3. Under the Connect Using, select the radio button "Credentials stored securely in the report server".
4. Enter the following user information:
User Name: IONUser
​Password: IONisgreat!
5. Click on Apply to apply the changes.