How can a user login to Powerlogic SCADA on a touch screen PC with no physical keyboard?



Industrial PC's like Magelis Screens do not come with Keyboards but users are still required to be able to login to the project or enter values.  

Powerlogic Scada
Power Scada Expert

Touch screen interface

User is required to login to Scada using a touchscreen interface.

There is an application called "Microsoft Onscreen Keyboard" that is built-in to Windows. The specific name is "osk.exe" and it is located in the C:\Windows\system32 folder for 32 bit OS or c:\Windows\SysWow64\en-US for 64 bit Operating Systems.

In Powerlogic SCADA (PLS), the On-Screen Keyboard can be launched numerous ways. Using a button to trigger this on a graphic screen is a useful method for doing so..

In Citect Graphics Builder, create a button and go into the Properties window of the button and select the Input tab.
In the Up command window, enter the following: exec("osk.exe").  On newer versions of Power Scada Expert you will need to use ExecEx("C:\windows\system32\osk.exe") 
 Depending on the 32-bit vs 64 bit Windows Operationg system and the elevated user priviledges vs ordinary priviliges, you may be able to run this command successfully if you make a copy of the OSK.exe outside of the System32/SysWow64 directory to another location like the root of C in order to get this command to work.

Save the graphics page and compile the project.
Place the project into Runtime and test the newly created button.  If it still does not open the onboard keyboard you might have to make a copy of the osk.exe file and place it on a