For the BCPM product, what is the LVCT burden (or the apparent power capacity)?



Product Line
BCPM, the LVCT (Low Voltage Current Transformer)

Low Voltage Current Transformer Specification

The BCPM uses 1/3 V output split-core CTs for the auxiliary inputs
The 1/3 Volt low-voltage CT specifications are:
Accuracy: 1% from 10% to 100% of rated current
Frequency range: 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature Range: -15° C - 60° C
Storage temperature Range: -40° C - 70°C
Humidity range: 0 - 95% non-condensing
Leads: 18 AWG, 600 Vac, UL 1015 twisted pair, 1.8m standard length
Max. Voltage L-N: sensed conductor 600 Vac

The apparent power capacity (or burden rating) doesn't really apply since these are voltage output devices (rather than current mode like traditional Current Transformers). This is one of the great advantages of voltage mode CT (the other being they don't need shorting blocks). The voltage mode CT has an internal burden resistor, usually tens of ohms or less. The input of the meter monitoring the voltage mode CT typically has an input impedance of tens of thousands of ohms or more in parallel with the CTs burden resistor (which can reduce the CTs output voltage very slightly). As long as the series resistance of the wire between the voltage mode CT and the meter is less than hundreds of ohms, the accuracy of the CT will be little affected. Voltage mode CT can drive a much longer wire run using smaller gauge wire than a traditional current mode CT.