WAGES setup guide for Analog Inputs on a CM4000 (CM4) or PM800 (PM8) in SMS



Need to setup a input to take a signal from a  WAGES meter

Product Line 
CM4000 Series and PM800 Series,  System Manager Software (SMS)

Application monitoring data produced by a WAGES meter.


Information needed before beginning setup

1. What WAGES quantity is associated with each analog input on the PL device (i.e. Analog Input 1 is associated with Water Flow Rate (gal/min) from a water meter).

2. The register numbers in the PL device that are associated with the analog inputs (i.e. An analog card in the C01 position of an IOX on a CM4000 would have a base register of 5320 and the Present Scaled Value would be found in Base +26 (reg. 5346)).

3. The lower and upper limits of the WAGES quantity that corresponds to the analog input (i.e. 0 gal/min equals 4mA and 5000 gal/min equals 20mA).

Basic Setup Steps in SMS

The following instructions are for a sample setup of a CM4000 with Analog cards in an IOX.

1. Add the PHYSICAL device in SMS.
-The physical device is the actual CM4000. Add the device through Setup > Device/Routing.

2. Configure the I/O setup for the analog cards in the onboard configuration of the PHYSICAL device.

3. Create custom quantities that correspond to each of the analog inputs and assign them to the PHYSICAL device type (i.e. CM4000).
-Use names that correspond to the inputs (i.e. Analog_Input_1 and Analog_Input_2, etc.).

4. Close SMS Setup and restart the PowerLogic Network Server (PLNS).

5. Create a logging template for each of the custom quantities created in step 3. Use the device type that corresponds to the PHYSICAL device.
-Use names for the logging templates that correspond to the analog inputs (i.e. AI_1_Log, AI_2_Log, etc.).

6. Assign the each logging template to a data log in the PHYSICAL device.

7. Create a LOGICAL device for each analog input.
-Select the appropriate WAGES device type for the logical device. The communication parameters (i.e. the modbus address and communication connection) should match the physical device settings.

8. Configure the LOGICAL devices by assigning the quantities.
-Select the appropriate quantity (i.e. Water Flow Rate (gal/min)). This is the name that will show up when running reports in AR or Info Manager.
-In the Input Metering Topic Selection window, select . There is no channel assignment for analog inputs.
-Finally enter the register number that corresponds to the custom quantity created in Step 3.

9. Create Scheduled Upload Tasks.
-The upload tasks should be created for the LOGICAL devices NOT the PHYSICAL devices.
-Select the Data Log that corresponds to the Data Log selected in Step 6.

Allow the CM4000 to collect data onboard, then manually execute the upload tasks for the LOGICAL devices. Finally run and report in AR or Info Manager and ensure the data is properly displayed.