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ION7650 device driver for SMS 4.2



Cannot integrate an ION7650 into SMS 4.2.

Product Lines
SMS 4.2

Meter Setup

ION7650 is not a standard device type available in SMS. ION Enterprise software updaters are generally used to support new firmware features. These updater files are compatible with ION Enterprise, Pegasys and MeterShop. The ION7650 support was added by using these updater files.

*You will not be able to upgrade your firmware on the ION7650 once the specific updater has been run, if you want to maintain full functionality.

Install the attached device driver for ION7550/7650 support on SMS 4.2 installations. This driver is specific to the factory default configuration of the ION7550/7650 template released for version v250.

*This driver is unneeded after ION Enterprise 5.0 SP3 and beyond.