Can ION meter Setup Register values be linked to Modbus Slave module inputs?



The customer may ask if Setup Register values can be linked to the inputs of a Modbus Slave module on an ION meter.

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The customer may ask if Setup Register values (e.g., PT Ratio, Sag/Swell Nominal Volts) can be linked to the inputs of a Modbus Slave (Read) module on an ION meter. The reason would be to allow a Modbus Master to read the present value of the Setup Parameter from the meter.

This is not possible. If you try to create this type of link, ION Setup and ION Designer will not allow you to create it.

But, you can use the fixed map for Setup Registers to read and configure onboard parameters for high-end ION meters. This is described in the document "Common Modbus Registers" which can presently be found at the following link:

Common Modbus Registers

For example, an external Modbus Master could modify the Volts Mode of an ION meter by writing to register 44001. The present Volts Mode could also be obtained by simply reading this register.

NOTE: writes to certain Setup registers are not allowed. Also, writes may fail if Advanced Security is enabled on an ION 83/84/85/8600 meter, where it is possible to disallow access via communications.