Editing Event priorities, Enabling / Disabling events for device types in ION Enterprise, SPM or PME



Individual alarms/event needs to be disabled completely for a particular device type

Product Line
ION enterprise 5.6 SP2/ 6.0, SPM 7.0, PME 7.2.x, PME 8.0


*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).

In ION Enterprise 5.6 Service Pack 2 and above, allows the users to configure how the software handles Events from certain devices (Powerlogic types, etc.).
Translators that use Event Map files can enable/disable event logging, and change default priorities for particular channel alarms and global alarms on a device type basis.

Some of ION Enterprise/SPM/PME device type translators uses Event Map files (some, but not all). Users can edit these files to enable/disable event logging, and change default priorities for individual channel alarms and global alarms. Editing this file for a device type will affect the behavior of events from all devices of that type in the system

The Event Map files (.evt files) can be found in the ION Enterprise\system\translators\events folder.

The enabling/disabling and priority of each current alarm, each voltage alarm and the global alarm can be configured by an EventInfo entry in the event map file. If an element (like "Enabled") does not exist for an entry, it can be added with the desired value.

Here is a simple example of an .evt file:

<EventInfoID="*"Priority="64"Enabled="YES"Comment="Default event"/>
<EventInfoID="0"Priority="200"Enabled="YES"Comment="Global Alarm"/>
<EventInfoID="1000"Priority="200"Comment="Reset event logging"/>

Here are the edits, in bold, to

  1. disable "Default event"s completely from all devices of this type in the system,
  2. reduce the priority of "Global Alarm"s from any device of this type to 100,
  3. and disable "Reset event logging" alarms completely from all devices of this type in the system

xml version =" 1.0" encoding =" UTF-8" ?>
< EventMap xmlns =" x-schema:event-schema.xml" >
< EventInfo ID =" *" Priority =" 64" Enabled =" NO" Comment =" Default event" />
< EventInfo ID =" 0" Priority =" 100" Enabled =" YES" Comment =" Global Alarm" />
< EventInfo ID =" 1000" Priority =" 200" Enabled = " NO " Comment =" Reset event logging" />
EventMap >

By default all alarms are enabled, with priority 64 for channel alarms, and priority 200 for global alarms.

NOTE: A ION Site Service restart is required for changes to the evt files to take effect.