Information Manager scheduled reports are executing on an intermittent basis.



Reports created in Information Manager (Daily kwh reports) set to run as Windows Scheduled Tasks are not consistently executing on a daily basis.
In Windows Scheduled Tasks, the Last Result for the PLReports tasks shows a value of 0x8000FFFF. Normally, the value should be 0x0 if the report runs properly. Additionally, the following errors show up in the Application Log of the Event Viewer:

Product Line
SMS 3.x
SMS 4.x

Windows Task

The report does not have enough time to finish causing the report execution to fail.

Set the reports to run with 10 minutes in between the start time of the reports. (This time will vary depending on the size of the database)

Report A set to run at 9:00AM
Report B set to run at 9:10AM
Report C set to run at 9:20AM and so forth.

Allow the reports to execute on their own to confirm they can do so without any issues. It seems the Windows Scheduled Tasks were using a lot of the PC's resources. When the first report was slow to run, the remaining reports would error out as well.