PM750 (PM7) phase A current is off by a factor of 10 in System Manager Software 4.2



System Manager Software (SMS) Display Tables, Display Meters, and SMSWeb show a PM750 phase A current value that is 10 times larger than the actual reading.

All other phase readings are accurate and the PM750 is displaying correct readings from the front display.

Product Line
SMS 4.2

Display tables, Display Meters, and SMSWeb 

Causes and Fixes

Because of a firmware update in the PM700 series meters, the way SMS reads information from the PM700s had to be changed. This was patched in SMS 4.2.
In rare situations a customer may not have this patch.

Apply the latest patches for the PM700 series of meters. The following procedure will apply patches 29 (PM750 PC-Based Alarm / Custom Quantity Fixes), 32 (PM7 Floating Point Topic Update), and 35 (PM750 Input Status Format Fix).

*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).

Install PM700 series patches:

1. Shutdown SMS and the PowerLogic Network Server (PLNS) service.
2. Rename the file PM7c.dll in \\Powerlogic\SMS\bin to PM7cOld.dll.
3. Copy the patched PM7c.dll to \\Powerlogic\SMS\bin.
4. Copy the UpdatePM7.bat and PM700_PFTotal_Support.sql files to the desktop.
5. Run the UpdatePM7.bat file.
6. Start the PowerLogic Network Server service and SMS.