Circuit Monitor GPS Time Sync Signal Fatal Error



Circuit Monitor I/O is properly configured and receiving time sync pulses from an STS3000 (Satellite Time Synchronization).
The time and date never update in the meter.
The Circuit Monitor diagnostic register 4016 (Time Sync Signal Health Status register) lists the following errors:
Note: Bit00 = LSB

Bit 00: Time sync signal fatal error
Bit 02: Invalid data
Bit 03: Data value out of range

Product Line

CM3000, CM4000, STS3000, STRM, STR100

CM3000, CM4000, STS3000, STRM, STR100

The year set in the circuit monitor must match that of the current year in order for the GPS time sync to occur.
Because the GPS signal provides only a 2 digit year, the decision was made to use the circuit monitor year as part of the validation of the GPS data. The last 2 digits of the circuit monitor year must agree with the last 2 digits of the GPS year."
To test the functionality of the time synch set the meter's
- Date to the STS3000 current date, and
- Time to the STS3000 with a couple of minutes difference. 

Change the circuit monitor to the current year to allow the GPS pulse to sync with the meter. This can be done manually from the front display or just a DeviceTime/Date reset in SMS. The following is an example of how to do it from the front display.

1. From the main menu of the front display go to setup and press enter.
2. Enter the password and then press enter.
3. Select Date & Time and press enter
4. Select Set Date and press enter until the year starts to blink.
5. Change the year by pressing the up and down arrows. Then press enter.
6. Press the menu button twice to get back to the main menu.