How to expose calculated values from the Modbus Device Importer Configure Logging and Calculation Tool to the ION OPC Server.



The Configure Logging and Calculation utility in the Modbus Device Importer (MDI) can help to perform Low, High, and Mean calculations for the imported Modbus data. However, there is no direct way to expose this calculated data to the OPC server.

Product Line
ION Enterprise, Struxureware Power Monitoring (SPM), Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

Expose OPC values

Modbus Device Importer does not have a feature to expose the registers to OPC. 

1. Open the device type in the MDI
2. Click on 'Configure logging and Calculation' on the right top corner of the page.
3. The 'Calculate' check boxes for the necessary quantities should be selected. Click OK to exit the page.

4. Right-click on the device type name (the top of the tree in the left hand pane) and choose Advanced Properties
5. Click on the Factory Information tab
6. In the Compliance field, type in ION_COMPLIANT (must be all capital letters). Then click ok. (This allows Designer to recognize and open a node for this device type.)

7. Go to File and choose Save and then go to tools and Update Device Type. Close the MDI.
8. Start Designer and open a device of this type for which you want to expose calculated values for OPC 
9. Right click on the module (Maximum 1/Minimum 1/Average 1) for which you want to expose values, choose the OPC button and select the measurements you want to expose, then choose File->Export from the dialog

10. Close the device in Designer
11. Verify the OPC data has been exposed by using 'IONServices.TestClient.exe' or 'OpcTestClient.exe'. These programs can be found in the ../Schneider Electric\ION Enterprise\system\bin folder.