Video: How do I use the ION Setup phasor viewer?



Viewing phasor diagrams of PowerLogic ION power meters with the Phasor Viewer tool in ION Setup.
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PowerLogic and ION meters
ION Setup Phasor Viewer
A phasor diagram can be used to assist in troubleshooting and verifying proper meter wiring.

ION Setup allows for a phasor diagram to be viewed in a consistent format across many meters.

The attached file “ION Setup Phasor Viewer 70042-0062-01.pdf” describes how to use the phasor viewer. This document was directed at an earlier release of ION Setup, version 2.1.xxxxx.xx
As of this writing, the latest version of ION Setup is 3.0.14290.03 . The ION Setup user guide also describes the phasor viewer in chapter 5. See page 123 of the attached document “PowerLogic ION Setup 3.0 User guide 7EN02-0312-00.pdf”.